How Treasure SMS works.

How It Works

send text messages to our numbers.

We will pay you for each and every SMS sent. It is up to you to be able to search and find a phone plan that enables free or cheap SMS plans so you will be able to gain cash credit for free.

The restrictions are 500 SMS's Per Sim Per Day

Any more than this and it may hamper the availability of the service in the near future. Once registered you are able to view your account details. This involves the amount of credit you have. The amout of SMS's you have sent and the amount of money that has accumulated.

Redeem your Money

Once you have reached 20 000 SMS you can redeem this as a cash payout by emailing us at A typical texter texts 1500 SMS daily an will be able to make the 20000 in half a month. Usually the there is some SMS sending software involved.