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Test if your SMS will get paid

Test if your SMS will get paid by sending text message to




Check your test result

Check your test result on the table below – if it shows ‘PAID’ you were successful


Set up your account

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Test Result

Test sent from: Test sent to: RangeDATESTATUS
447948440XXX447456056198UK - Y16-NOV-2018 15:05:28PAID
447948440XXX447456056176UK - Y16-NOV-2018 15:05:19PAID
447948440XXX447458603937UK - Y16-NOV-2018 15:01:44PAID
447574002XXX447458602868UK - Y16-NOV-2018 13:35:42PAID
447727992XXX447458603982UK - Y16-NOV-2018 09:01:20PAID

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