Get Paid!

1 Reach 20000 Credits

Once you have sent 20000 SMS, you will reach the minimum payout.

2 Text "REDEEM"

Text REDEEM MONEY to any money number. Or Contact us via the Contact Form to convert your credit into cash.

3 Get paid via Bank

Get Paid! 45 days after month of redemption. If you redeem today 19th Feb 19.
Expect Payment Apr 2019

Login to your account and see how much credit you have built. If the amount is above 20000 credits you become eligible for a cash payout.

All you have to do is text the keyword REDEEM MONEY to .

Payments are paid via Bank Transfer. Please ensure that you send us the correct name & details when registering with Treasure SMS.paypal payments If your info is incorrect please contact the enquiry team.

You can continue to increase this balance until at least 20000 credits has been reached. 20000cr is approximately £200. When you reach this amount you must redeem your money using the keyword. "REDEEM MONEY"